Fritton wood featured in new horror film short

Filmmakers in Fritton Wood

Fritton wood is the backdrop in an upcoming short film about grave robbers. - Credit: Sebastian Lear

Fritton wood is the backdrop of a new horror film made by a Great Yarmouth director.

Sebastian Lear, 23, has been making short films since he was a student at East Norfolk Sixth Form College.

His latest film, called Echoes of the Dead, covers the story of two grave robbers accidentally summoning a demon from the underworld.

Two crew behind a camera

Sebastian Lear said the idea snowballed and ended up as a production between 12 people. - Credit: Sebastian Lear

Fritton wood is used as the spooky setting for the short film, which Mr Lear expects will premiere on YouTube in the next six weeks.

Mr Lear said: "This project all started after I got a new camera. I had been away from filmmaking for a while, but me and a few friends went out and the project quickly snowballed."

What started as an idea between three friends morphed into a project involving a crew of 12 people.

Sebastian Lear

Sebastian Lear hopes his projects will continue to grow so he can realise his dream of a fulltime director. - Credit: Sebastian Lear

"It's great because we are all from the area - including actor Jorro White - and we're making our own opportunities," Mr Lear said.

"I'm hopeful our projects will develop and I can become a full-time director."

To follow Mr Lear's film project, search for Motionless Shutter Productions on Instagram.