Future queen Kate Middleton is local girl at heart

WILLIAM and Kate fever has taken over the country in recent weeks with the announcement the Royal Wedding will be taking place at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

And the Berkshire-born bride will feel right at home when she visits Norfolk’s Sandringham estate with the rest of the Royal Family for their annual Christmas break, as the county has been home to many of her relatives.

A glance at her family tree reveals her ancestors came from across the county, from Great Yarmouth to King’s Lynn, as well as further afield in Suffolk.

And true to her “commoner” roots, her Norfolk ancestral line includes many traditional working class professions, including a labourer, cook, hospital matron and surgeon.

A former Norwich mayor is also listed among her antecedents.

Mark Fellgett, of Bradwell, conducted the research into the Royal newcomer’s family tree after the wedding was announced at the start of last week and discovered some interesting links to the area after looking on the internet.

These included a great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather Thomas Powditch, who died in Great Yarmouth in 1727, and a Grace Kitteredge, who died in Lowestoft in 1782.

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Other ancestors from the county, include Harriet Stone, who was born in King’s Lynn, David Stone, a labourer from Sprowston in Norwich and David Martineau, a surgeon from Norwich.

And another ancestor was former Norwich Mayor Philip Meadows who took the office in 1734 and died in 1752. Mr Fellgett said: “It is just interesting to see that some of her relations seem to have come from round here.

“I decided to have a look out of historical curiosity. I quite like the Royal Family, I think they do a good job for us. Basically, it is just interesting to see that someone is doing well for themselves. It is not very often that you get a common person joining the Royal Family.”