Ghostly goings on downCaister bypass

TWO motorists met in a moment of disbelief on the Acle bypass following a spooky sighting.

At 7am yesterday morning Bill Richardson was driving down the bypass towards Hemsby when he had to slam the brakes on.

“Someone suddenly stepped into the road in front of me” he said, “they appeared to be wearing some sort of shiny uniform and swinging their arms as if they were marching.”

At this very moment, a fellow early morning traveller heading down the carriageway in the opposite direction also pulled up.

Bill figured this had to be more than just a coincidence. He said: “After a couple of minutes I pulled myself together and got out of my vehicle and walked over to the other car and spoke to the driver, a young lady, and I asked her if she had seen what I saw.”

The young lady described what had caused her to make the unexpected pit stop- a description of the very same man crossing the road.

And, as Bill had experienced, this mysterious marcher had then vanished completely.

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“This was a very weird experience for me as I would expect if was for the lady of the other car” he added.

“If someone has any information about this area and can maybe show some light on what it was that I saw I would be very grateful indeed.”

Anyone who might be able to help should email The Mercury on