'Glagone but not forgotten' - 'Glagoon' disappears from Norfolk beach

The 'glagoon' has now disappeared from Gorleston beach. 

The 'glagoon' has now disappeared from Gorleston beach. - Credit: Ian Bullock

A lagoon that appeared on Gorleston beach earlier this week due to high tides has now gone and locals are sad to see it go.

On Sunday (October 24), retired journalist Ian Bullock, 58, took a snap of the 'glagoon' while on a dog walk and posted it on the Gorleston-on-Sea Life Facebook group.

It got hundreds of comments and likes, with people saying they had taken their four-legged-friends to play in it.

The 'glagoon' has reappeared on Gorleston beach. 

The 'glagoon' pictured on Sunday, October 24. - Credit: Ian Bullock

But on Thursday (October 28), Mr Bullock, from Norwich, posted another photo in the group as it had disappeared.

There were pictures of diggers nearby that had been redistributing sand.

One person commented on the post "glagone but not forgotten" and another wrote "it would be nice if one day we could keep a rock pool here. Great for kids and adults alike."