A47 roadworks in Gorleston area are said to have left relatives unable to say goodbye to dying man

James Paget University Hospital, Gorleston, Norfolk.

James Paget University Hospital, Gorleston, Norfolk. - Credit: Nick Butcher

A grieving woman has claimed controversial roadworks around the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston led to her being denied a chance to say a final farewell to her dying uncle.

Jane Kingsland, from New Jersey in America, was on her way to visit her dying uncle in the hospital and said diversions delayed her for an hour - and by the time she arrived it was too late to say goodbye.

Two separate sets of roadworks are currently being carried out around the Lowestoft Road area on the town - one to resurface a stretch of the road and another to signalise the Links Road roundabout.

Their shared impact has seen heavy queuing in the area, particularly during peak times, which is having implications in the hospital.

Jane Kingsland had been driving up from Frostenden with her mother. She said: “The redirection signs pointed us all around the houses and nowhere were we shown how to get to the hospital. It took an hour. My uncle had died during that hour, alone.”

A spokesman for the James Paget University Hospital said: “The majority of patients have been allowing extra time for their journey, however, there have been some patients with early appointments (8am to 9am) who have arrived late when congestion was at its worst.

“Our staff have been making allowances for this, so that patients are still seen.”

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A spokesman for First Eastern Counties also said the delays have caused some minor delays.

Highways England, which is responsible for the resurfacing works have said their part of it is on schedule, with Lowestoft Road forecast to be completed on Friday, February 23. Works further up, in Hopton, are forecast to be finished the following Friday - March 2.

Meanwhile, the signalising of the roundabout at Links Road is also on schedule, which is entering week five of 17.

The Highways Agency said it has been working with local authorities to minimise disruption.