Gorleston chairman is delighted at boss Ricci Butler’s ‘I quit’ U-turn

Ricci Butler, left, is staying at Emerald Park after a change of heart. Picture: JAMES BASS

Ricci Butler, left, is staying at Emerald Park after a change of heart. Picture: JAMES BASS - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

Chairman Alan Gordon insists the row that caused manager Ricci Butler to temporarily quit Gorleston had nothing to do with football, writes Gavin Caney.

Butler announced he had left Emerald Park on Saturday but withdrew his resignation little more than 24 hours later after a clear-the-air meeting with the Greens chief.

Gordon says the 'little issue that got out of hand' has now been resolved and he's 'absolutely delighted' that the former Great Yarmouth Town boss will remain in charge at Emerald Park.

Gordon said: 'It's a mountain out of a molehill really. I've been involved in, and seen, a lot bigger arguments in football.

'It was a personal matter, a little issue that got out of hand. I shoulder the blame for saying something so soon after Saturday's game. Ricci was still feeling a bit raw and in hindsight it was the wrong time. I didn't like his retort, we're both stubborn and passionate and things got a bit heated.

'I'm sure in hindsight we'd have both dealt with things a bit differently. An older Ricci wouldn't have posted a message on Twitter to say he'd quit. It was a bit naive but it's all sorted now and it's business as usual.'

Butler, who declined the opportunity to give his side of the story, used Twitter to confirm his change of heart on Sunday evening. The 28-year-old replaced Richard Daniels last May after leaving his first job in management at lower-level Yarmouth.

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The Greens sit 11th in the Thurlow Nunn Premier Division following Saturday's 2-1 home defeat to Newmarket.

'I've got a lot of time for Ricci and he's already proving to be an outstanding manager at this level,' added Gordon.

'It would have been easy to accept his resignation if that's what I wanted, but nothing could be further from the truth. I'm 100pc behind him. I gave him three criteria when he took on the job: To cut our playing budget, to have more local players that our fans could have an affinity with and to have players that played for the shirt and not just the money. He's carried out all three with aplomb.

'We had a two-hour chat on Sunday that was perhaps long overdue and realised we agree with each other on 99.9pc of our football ideas. We've shaken hands, had a quick cuddle and are back on track.'

Wroxham host King's Lynn Town Reserves tonight in the Norfolk Senior Cup for a chance to join Gorleston, Dereham Town and Norwich United in the semi-finals.