75th wedding anniversary for couple who 'love each other to bits'

Ron and Betty Sutton

Ron and Betty Sutton both hail from Great Yarmouth and now live in Gorleston. They have been happily married for 75 years. They are pictured here celebrating their engagement. - Credit: Supplied by Paul Sutton

A couple love each other even more than on the the day they exchanged vows 75 years ago, their son says.

Ron and Betty Sutton were married on February 2, 1946, at Great Yarmouth town hall.

Their son Paul Sutton said the pair lived independently in Gorleston and "loved each other to bits."

"They are still lovey-dovey with each other, it's really nice to see," he said.

Ron and Betty Sutton were married in 1946

Ron and Betty Sutton on their wedding on February 2, 1946. - Credit: Supplied by Paul Sutton

Anniversary celebrations, however, will be postponed in line with the coronavirus lockdown -  the couple likely to raise a glass to each other at home alone.

Paul said that until Christmas he had been in a bubble with his parents visiting them once a week.

But with the new variant and strict new rules they had not seen each other at all.

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His dad, at 94, was "tough as old boots" and took everything in his stride with no fuss,  pretty much running the household since his 93-year-old wife Betty's open heart surgery two years ago.

Ron grew up in Great Yarmouth's Rows, leaving school at 14 because his family could not afford the grammar school uniform.

When the war came many, including Betty, were evacuated but Ron stayed on volunteering for the Navy aged 16.

In February 1944 on a posting back home he met Betty at a youth club in Cobholm.

Ron and Betty Sutton

Ron and Betty Sutton met as teenagers at a youth club in Cobholm and are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary. - Credit: Supplied by Paul Sutton

Ron's service then took him to Canada and New York and during another home leave, and ahead of an expected posting to India, the couple married.

But the posting never came, and instead Ron went into the building trade, moving to the Ministry of Works and a job at the NATO headquarters in Germany where the couple lived for eight years learning German and where two of their children went to school

Betty, nee Parker, hails from St Nicholas Road in Great Yarmouth and worked as a doctor's receptionist and then at Arnolds (later Debenhams)

She was also a talented seamstress, teaching dress-making while in Germany.

Ron and Betty Sutton

Ron and Betty Sutton will mark their 75th wedding anniversary on February 2. The couple are said to be like 'two peas in a pod'. - Credit: Supplied by Paul Sutton

They have three children Paul, married to Tina, Barry, and Linda and her husband Bill, four grandchildren Ben, Jenny, Mark and Stephen, and six great grandchildren Rufus, Juniper, Edward, Daniel, Rowan and Fergus.

Paul said: "They have always looked after themselves,  are remarkably fit and healthy, even for people half their age, and love each other to bits.

"Not many people have been married for 75 years.

"Apart from being like two peas in a pod and having always been totally devoted to each other, they share everything, and never ever let the sun go down

on a quarrel, and have always been totally supportive of each other."