Police in Gorleston warn bike gang youths about anti-social behaviour

Gorleston High Street.Picture: Norfolk County Council

Gorleston High Street.Picture: Norfolk County Council - Credit: Archant

Nearly 20 youths have been warned by police about their antisocial behaviour as they cycle around Gorleston in groups, it has been revealed.

News that 17 youths and their parents or guardians have been spoken to by officers comes as police are still investigating an attack on a pensioner in Gorleston High Street.

The victim, who was in his 70s, was involved in a group of youths on bikes and he was struck on the face and then attacked as he lay on the ground.

Donald Dallas, Norfolk police inspector for Gorleston, said he was aware of the issue of youths on bikes causing a nuisance and said 17 had been dealt with by way of a community resolution in which officers speak to them and their parents and guardians about the impact of their behaviour.

Insp Dallas said that if youths persisted with their behaviour will be reported by police to court.

He said: “We are aware there is an issue and we taking it seriously and we are taking steps to address that.

“Through community resolution we have dealt with 17 youths and their parents and guardians where they are educated on the issue and we explain to them the effects of their actions.

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“If they persist with their behaviour they will be reported to court.”

Insp Dallas praised the team of volunteers at Gorleston CCTV system in helping to identify problems surrounding youths.

There have also been reports of youths gathering at shops at Bradwell and there had been issues with youngsters by the Macdonald’s in Great Yarmouth.

Gorleston borough councillor Kay Grey said:” What seems to be happening is these problems are moving from one place to another. We had the issues outside McDonald’s and then the gangs on bikes on Gorleston High Street.

“There’s nowhere for the kids to go. There aren’t any youth clubs.

“A lot of it with the kids comes down to boredom and wanting to prove how ‘good’ they are to their mates. But they’re not good – they’re weak.

“This needs addressing at home and at school and they need a proper punishment, not just a slap on the wrist or a talking to.

“The parents need to be fined so they will take responsibility for their kids.”

The pensioner was attacked at about 9.30pm last Friday. Anyone with information call police on 101.