Gorleston grandmother’s Christmas fairy dilemma

WITH her unique view on family life, she has seen good times and bad, as new and old generations come together to share in the season of goodwill.

But now the fairy that has sat atop a Gorleston family’s Christmas tree for nearly half a century is facing a new flashy rival- leaving her owner with a real dilemma.

Grandmother Judith Simmons, 66, explained the doll had been given to her by her mother Daisy ahead of her first Christmas as a married woman in 1968. Finely attired in offcuts from her white velvet wedding dress, the placing of the doll at the top of the tree has become a family tradition.

Judith explained: “It was a plastic doll and my mother had put some wings on it with silver tinsel, and I thought it was really sweet of her to do that. The intention was that I would always have her, as she had a piece of my dress and looked good up on the tree.”

Last year Judith bought a flash new fairy - and it’s still in it’s box, thanks to her eight year old grand-daughter Eleanor. She told her the old fairy must always stay on the Christmas tree, and the new fairy on the floor with the presents,

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