‘I threw myself into the music’ - Mum-of-three lives out pop video dreams during lockdown

Sherry Geary, 44, a hairdresser from Gorleston, has been living out her pop dreams in a music video

Sherry Geary, 44, a hairdresser from Gorleston, has been living out her pop dreams in a music video with a man from Malawi. Picture: Maria Geary. - Credit: Archant

A self-employed hairdresser and mother-of-three has been living out her pop music dreams while on lockdown – by making a video with a musician living almost 5,000 miles away.

Sherry Geary, 44, runs the Hair Workshop, a mobile salon in Gorleston, and while having to close down the business was difficult, she said, the forced suspension gave her time to throw herself into one of her enduring passions – music.

She was browsing a website for upcoming artists when a musican, alias King Taj, contacted her, asking if she could contribute vocals to one of his songs.

King Taj is a musician from Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, a country in southeastern Africa.

“They were looking for a singer to fit on the track. I sent a link to some of my singing,” Ms Geary said.

“I’ve been sending him vocals through an app on my phone, because during lockdown we couldn’t get to a studio.

“I wrote a verse for his song, ‘On the Floor’, and he put it together.”

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The video was shot in two separate locations, Gorleston beach and Lilongwe, before the footage was assembled by a friend of King Taj, Thoko lungu.

Ms Geary, who has performed at the Pavilion Theatre and the Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft, made her parts of the video with help from her cousins Maria and Sarah Geary and her niece Megan Geary, while her son helped with the apps used to record and send vocals.

Shooting the video helped her enjoy lockdown, she said.

“I will remember it as a happy time. It was a bit stressful, with the mortage and car payments, it was a difficult time, but I did enjoy the music side of it, I always wanted to do that as well, just trying to find the time to do it all is time-consuming.

“It’s hard to juggle it all, working as a hairdresser and having three children, but being able to do this at home has been fantastic and seeing the progress of the song and video is amazing.

“I threw myself into the music, I concentrated on that, the house and my children,” Ms Geary said.

‘On the Floor’, by King Taj and Sherry Geary, is available on most streaming platforms.