Gorleston hit by car vandalism

There have been reports of criminal damage taking place across Gorleston this weekend, with cars allegedly being scratched by keys among other incidents.

The reports focus on the Brasenose Avenue area, with similar criminality also reported in Avenue Road and one of the Trafalgar Roads to the North.

However, there was also mention of other incidents. On the Great Yarmouth Mercury Facebook page, Ben Braidwood posted that police had been called to their home on Oxford Avenue, which is off Brasenose Avenue.

“Someone has been trying our front and back doors tonight, the front one was actually opened and kiddies [sic] scooters moved in front garden,” he posted.

Amid the reports, a Facebook user named Egg Shen posted that Gorleston Safer Neighbourhood Team could set up an SMS text warning service to warn of suspicious behaviour.

“When there is suspicious activity going on everyone would recieve an sms message and a location,” they added.

It is not known if the incidents are linked. Norfolk Police were unavailable for comment.

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