More than half say lights 'too tacky' for Gorleston

Hollywood-style letters come to Hemsby

Hemsby is happy to have its name up in lights but Gorleston doesn't seem so keen. - Credit: GYBC

More than half of those who responded to our poll about whether Gorleston should have its name up in giant selfie lights like Hemsby and Great Yarmouth said they did not support the move.

Fifty five per cent said the lights were "too tacky" for Gorleston.

The majority of those who said they would welcome the Hollywood-style lettering voted for the top of the Ocean Room (28pc) as the best place for it.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council had intended all three resorts would announce their names in twinkling mesh selfie signs costing more than £25,000.

thumbnail_Great Yarmouth Lights at Pleasure Beach Gardens credit GYBC

The new Great Yarmouth sign is on Marine Parade at Pleasure Beach Gardens. The one for Gorleston is still in storage. - Credit: Great Yarmouth Council

But a bid for "Gorleston" to be suspended on 6m poles at the bandstand met with resistance. A planning application was quietly withdrawn and the letters never saw the light of day.

One person responding via the borough council's planning portal tagged the Gorleston letters "a waste of money" and "extremely tacky".

Another commenting as a result of this newspaper's poll said the town couldn't have it both ways. They said: "Gorleston residents complain Yarmouth receives more funding/attention, yet moan about 'tacky' things that would bring more potential footfall.

Giant Hollywood selfie lights planned for Gorleston near Great Yarmouth but not put up yet amid debate

The illuminated Gorleston selfie sign planned for Gorleston has not been put up yet amid debate about where it should go. - Credit: GYBC

"Ungrateful comes to mind."

Gorleston borough councillor Paul Wells said: "I am extremely sceptical that these lights will be a suitable addition within the seafront conservation zone.

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"Gorleston beach is a jewel on the east coast, and we need to ensure that any modernisation or improvement, reflects its unique character.’

On social media opinion was mixed with some tagging the letters "tasteless and out of place" and others saying they thought they would look great.

Hollywood-style letters spell out Hemsby in lights

A crowd gathers to celebrate the launch of Hemsby's giant new sign pointing the way for a hoped-for busy summer at the resort. - Credit: GYBC

Meanwhile some appreciated the effort which chimed with the Instagram generation while others said any money would be better spent on funding longer opening hours for the splash pad.

Survey results

Are the Hollywood-style letters too "tacky" for Gorleston?

Yes 55pc

No 45pc

If 'No' where should they go?

Bandstand 12pc

Riverside 4pc

Top of Ocean Room 27pc

Quay Road 3pc

Other 14pc

N/A 40pc

A total of close to 300 votes were cast.

Under the terms of the planning permission the letters at Great Yarmouth and Hemsby can be displayed from April 29 to October 1, and be illuminated from dusk to midnight.