Gorleston man jailed for three years after admitting more than 40 offences

A GORLESTON man has been jailed for three years after admitting a burglary in Great Yarmouth and 43 other offences committed over a ten-year period.

Kane Platten, 23, of New College Close in Gorleston, pleaded guilty to the walk-in house burglary at Alexandra Avenue on April 19, 2012 where a bag containing a purse and personal items was taken. He was arrested by police and found to be in possession of a document belonging to the victim. He then co-operated with officers to admit a number of other crimes he had committed since he was a young teenager.

These included ten criminal damage offences, 15 theft from shop offences, eight pedal cycle thefts and 10 theft crimes including theft from motor vehicle offences.

Detective Sergeant Michael Roxby, of Norfolk Constabulary’s Positive Outcome Unit, a team of officers who work with offenders to encourage them to admit their crimes, said: “It’s never too late to turn the corner and have a fresh start. Platten decided that he would admit all his offending dating back to his teenage years, and spanning ten years, so that he could have a clean slate when he gets out of prison.”

Platten was sentenced at Norwich Crown Court on Friday, June 29, to three years in prison, minus several weeks he has already spent in custody.