Gorleston pensioner left terrified by robbery

A PENSIONER was left shaken and penniless after facing a robber who burst into his home and stole his wallet containing �820.

Terrified Gerald Moore, 77, was sitting on the sofa watching snooker on TV at his Pine Green flat in Gorleston on Sunday at 10pm when a man casually walked in through the open front door and stood in front of him.

The retired carpenter said the robber, aged in his mid-20s, held out a clenched fist as if he had something in his hand to give him before opening it to show it was empty.

The robber then reached out and stole Mr Moore’s wallet, which was beside him on the sofa, before marching out and walking along Crab Lane before disappearing.

Police later recovered the wallet containing Mr Moore’s credit and debit cards in Crab Lane, although the �820 cash had been taken.

Mr Moore, who lives with Yorkshire terrier Ginger, had deliberately not closed his front door after his carer had left so his dog could go outside, which allowed the robber to get in.

He believed the robber had been laying in wait, but said he was not wearing a balaclava or hat and described him as white, with slightly protruding teeth, short dark hair and wearing blue jeans and a black jacket.

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The thief did not say anything during the incident.

The robbery was the second time Mr Moore has been targeted and had cash stolen from him in less than 18 months.

In January last year, a hammer-wielding robber burst in on him and his then wife Karin, pushing her to the floor and stealing over �600 kept in a jar beside the sofa.

He said the money taken in the latest incident would have been used to pay his electric and water bills, but now he did not know how he was going to pay his �20-a-week electric bill.

He receives a state pension and disability benefits, but said he was likely to be in arrears with his bill payments due to the robbery.

He told the Mercury: “Of course I was scared. I thought ‘I can’t believe it, this is happening again.’ On the last occasion, they used a hammer.

“This place seems to be a target, I have had nothing but trouble since I moved here three years ago. I can’t stay here, it is a nightmare. I want to move,” Mr Moore said.

Anyone with information in relation to the incident should phone Norfolk police on 0845 4564567.