Benge’s Bakery to close in Gorleston

Benge's Bakery in Bells Road, GorlestonPicture: Archant

Benge's Bakery in Bells Road, GorlestonPicture: Archant - Credit: Archant

A Gorleston bakery is to close on Saturday due to the rising costs of flour.

Benge’s Bakery in Bells Road will be closing at 2pm with its owners Carl and Debbie Whitmore citing the cost rise in the essential product for their business as the reason.

Mr Whitmore said the cost of each bag of flour had gone up by a £1 and they just could not afford it anymore. He also said electricity costs had impacted on the business, which they have owned for 18 years.

Mr Whitmore, who has 42 years experience in the bakery world, wanted to thank all of Benge’s Bakery’s regular customers for their support.

He said the business would be up for sale soon and that he and his wife would not get involved in a similar business in the future.

Saturday’s closure comes after Benge’s Bakery was given a new food hygiene rating of three by the Food Standards Agency.