Gorleston slimmer inspires others

THEY say the camera never lies, and neither does the tape measure – delivering its message with brutal honesty.

And for one Gorleston woman what it was saying about her size and shape at a fitting for a bridesmaid’s dress was so unpalatable she resolved to lose weight right away.

Now, after shedding two-and-a-half stones in six months Danielle Hodgson, 26, has been so inspired by her success she is starting her own group to help other people slim.

She had struggled with her weight since studying at university and gained even more after the birth of her son.

She said: “I tried every crash diet I heard of and this only made things worse. I would lose weight quickly but, as soon as I started eating in a normal way, all the weight would go back on, and more.

“I felt really miserable, stopped going out and avoided clothes shopping altogether.”

In November last year, Danielle was asked to be a bridesmaid for her life-long best friend and, when the time came to give her measurements, she couldn’t believe it. Seeing the numbers was a huge reality check.

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“One of my friends told me about Slimming World and I decided to go along to find out more. I was really nervous about going along on my own but the members were really friendly and made me feel very welcome.”

After losing six-and-a-half pounds in her first week, Danielle was thrilled when she was awarded her one stone award after three weeks.

“It was healthy eating and I found out I could eat hundreds of everyday foods without any weighing and measuring, and that I could make meals that the whole family could enjoy.

“I was really aware I wanted my family to eat healthily and I am really proud I am now able to do this. We regularly enjoy our favourite meals, like roast dinners, spaghetti bolognese, steak and chips and cheesecakes, and I lose weight each week. I have learned to make changes to the way I cook food and it has made so much difference.

“Losing weight has turned my life around. I now go for a walk at least four times a week, and complete dance work-outs at home. I can run around with my little boy, we have so much fun and I feel great.”

Danielle’s success has inspired her to open her own Slimming World group in Belton which opens on Wednesday at the Moorlands Primary School (7.30pm).

For more information contact Danielle on 01493 602656.