Gorleston teen desperate to be reunited with treasured pet cat for Christmas

A TEENAGER is desperate to be reunited with his beloved pet cat after the treasured feline went missing from his Gorleston home.

Robin Gibb, who has autism, has been left devastated after his furry pal Gibby disappeared in August and the 16 year old is asking for him to come home for Christmas.

And his family are now so desperate to get the four legged friend back they have offered a �100 reward for his return.

Five year old Gibby went missing from the family home in Oxford Avenue on August 22 and despite a few initial calls his trail has now gone cold.

Robin’s mum Wendy said: “We have kept cards up but have heard nothing. Robin is desperate for his cat to come back, all he’s asking for Christmas is his cat back. He is always thinking of him when the weather’s bad, when it’s snowing or raining.

“He’s microchipped so if anyone did find him and take him to the vets he would be flagged up as a missing pet.”

Gibby is not just a prized pet as he also has special sentimental value to the family.

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Wendy added: “We’ve had him from a kitten. He was given to us as a gift by my husband’s sister who has since died, he has special significance.”

If you have seen Gibby or might know where he is call the family on 01493 658514.