Praise for teen litter-picker who fills a black sack with rubbish every day

Teen litter picker hero Dylan Turner

Dylan Turner, 14, is being praised for his daily rounds picking litter from the beach and prom in Gorleston. - Credit: supplied by Sarah Turner

A schoolboy with additional needs is being officially recognised for his daily efforts picking up rubbish along the beach and prom.

Dylan Turner has spent the summer cleaning up the sands at Gorleston, bagging the day-out detritus left by visitors including baby wipes, cigarette ends, food packaging and cans.

The 14-year-old who has ADHD, epilepsy, and asthma, goes out on his bike for an hour and a half every night filling a black sack full of rubbish.

His mother Sarah Turner said she was super proud of her son who also suffers with pain having been born with club feet.

But what was even more heartening was the praise and positive feedback he was getting from the community, she added.

Dylan, a pupil at John Grant School, in Caister, lives with his mother, stepdad, and three older siblings - some of whom also have additional needs - in Magdalen Way Gorleston.

Mrs Turner, 40, said: "I am so proud of him.

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"It was his own idea and he has stuck to it. It's not like he did it once and couldn't be bothered to do it again.

"He just decided to go down to Gorleston seafront one evening when he was bored.

"He came back and said about how much rubbish was down there, and he has been doing it nearly every night since.

"He has his routine. When it was light he would go from about 8pm to 9.30pm, but at the moment he is leaving about half an hour earlier.

During his rounds he also keeps an eye on other issues raising the alert when he spotted a "necklaced" seal, and advising people to stay a good distance from the animals.

"He always has a story," she added. "He has either seen a drunk person fall over or the air ambulance flying."

Mrs Turner described him as a very kind and helpful boy who was brilliant at maths and always keen to help less able pupils at school.

Before his ADHD diagnosis he had struggled in mainstream education but now loved where he was.

To thank him for his efforts borough council rangers will be presenting him with a picker and gloves at Gorleston yacht pond.