Gorleston woman wins Ms Norfolk Curve 2017

Emma-Jayne Relf, who has been named Ms Norfolk Curve. Picture: Diana Thompson

Emma-Jayne Relf, who has been named Ms Norfolk Curve. Picture: Diana Thompson - Credit: Picture: Diana Thompson

A Gorleston woman is looking forward to the glitz and glamour her first beauty pageant, after making the finals of a national competition.

Emma-Jayne Relf found out about the Miss British Beauty Curve competition when taking part in a one-off modelling shoot in London, but did not in her wildest dreams expect to reach its final.

After submitting pictures online, the 41-year-old was over-joyed when she discovered she will be representing Norfolk in the finals, which take place in Maidestone in August.

The pageant - which is aimed at women with dress-sizes of over 14 - is split into three categories, Miss for 18-29-year-olds, Ms for over-thirties and Mrs for over 18s who are either married or in civil partnerships. Emma-Jayne will be competing in the Ms competition, after being named Ms Norfolk Curve 2017.

She said: “My first reaction was disbelief more than anything. It’s been a huge confidence boost for me - my confidence has never been higher.”

Emma-Jayne is now hoping the competition will help her to raise awareness of lupus, an autoimmune disease she was diagnosed with in 2003.

She said: “The illness affects me every single day. I suffer from extreme fatigue and kidney, lung and muscle pains. I’m hoping being Ms Norfolk Curve will help make more people aware of the illness.”

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She has already secured sponsorship from Lady Vintage, but is still looking for further businesses to sponsor her in the competition.

She added: “My friends are all really excited about it, particularly knowing what I have been through with my illness, and they are all really gunning for me.”