Great Dane Dexter finds new friends

HE was the pooch with no pals, but now Dexter the Great Dane has a whole host of four-legged friends to frolic with.

Tonita and Dave Smith, of Bradwell, put out an appeal in the Mercury for potential playmates for their 11 stone pet after they had struggled to find other dogs he could have a good tussle with.

And it was on Sunday morning that Dexter met his match – in the form of three other equally boisterous hounds from around the county.

Dave, 57, said they organised the hour-and-a half walk along Gorleston seafront after emails came in following the piece last month. He described how they met up with the owners of a fellow Great Dane called Hatty, an Airedale named Tilly, and Jasper the Irish Red Setter for what proved to be a successful stroll.

“They all came together and it went extremely well. Hatty was a quieting influence but the others were quite lively but well behaved.”

Previously, 38 inch tall Dexter had had to make do with the affectionate attention of Chihuahuas at his local haunt of Mill Lane Park.

But a smiling Dave reported it was a different story at the weekend: “Dexter was just made up, he loves playing with other dogs and it was a pleasure to see him enjoying himself.”

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The couple now hope to organise more walks in the near future with the owners, one of whom proved a familiar face. In the case of Clifton Darby, who lives in Norwich, they learned that the world of dogs was a small one indeed.

Dave explained: “We had actually met him at the Day for Dogs at the Norfolk Showground, and that was before he had his Great Dane. He had been told about the story by a friend and remembered us when he saw it online.”

l If you have a dog that might want to play with Dexter, email