Fly-tipping blights Great Yarmouth passageway

The dumped rubbish in the passage way.Picture: Kevin Burgess

The dumped rubbish in the passage way.Picture: Kevin Burgess - Credit: Archant

A landlord is demanding action is taken to stop a Great Yarmouth passageway being blighted by fly-tipped rubbish.

Kevin Burgess says the passageway at the back of homes on Victoria Road has become a notorious spot for people dumping waste.

The latest incident saw a large amount of bags of rubbish dumped in the public passage, blocking access for people.

Mr Burgess, who owns a property by the passage, has demanded Great Yarmouth Borough Council should take stronger action against fly-tippers. The authority has removed the rubbish,

He said: “It has been a problem for years. As well as a health hazard it is a fire hazard. If there are laws that should be followed they should enforce them.”

Mr Burgess also says there is a problem with antisocial behaviour in the passage and also bins being left out.

He hopes to discuss the issue with borough councillor for Nelson Ward Katy Stenhouse.

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Carl Smith, chairman of the borough council’s environment committee, said: “Great Yarmouth Borough Council has one of Norfolk’s best records for enforcement on environmental crimes and will prosecute where there is enough evidence. The public can help by providing tip-offs to help our Environmental Rangers target those who blight the environment, and the Rangers are appealing to anyone who can help identify those who left the large pile of waste in this area. When this incident was reported to the council last week, one of the council’s Environmental Rangers visited to start the investigation. The waste was subsequently cleaned up by GYB Services Ltd, the council’s operational partner. The Ranger also leafleted households in that area to emphasise that it is illegal to dump waste and to remind people to dispose of their waste responsibly. The quickest way to report is to download the Report IT GY App, or you can call 01493 846478. All approaches will be treated in confidence.”