All is hunky dory at Great Yarmouth Air Show

David Marsh, one of the air show organisers Picture: Nick Butcher

David Marsh, one of the air show organisers Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Archant

Preparations are running smoothly ahead of the first display at the Great Yarmouth Air Show.

David Marsh, director of the bid and a senior show organiser, said: “I am very pleased to say everything is absolutely going hunky dory.

“We had 28 people at the briefing table this morning and everyone got asked and everyone came back with very positive reports.

“The only minor problem was a car parking in the wrong spot.

“All the displays are going exactly as planned. The conditions are perfect.

“The park and ride has picked up nicely and the buses are going well. There are no traffic issues as far as I am aware of.”

When asked why people should come to the show Mr Marsh said: “Air shows are the most popular shows in the world because it is such a spectacle and easy to see. You are not crammed into a theatre or stuck behind a pillar.

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“Here you are sitting on Great Yarmouth beach enjoying the great facilities Great Yarmouth has to offer and there is the show up in the sky for you.”

Here are the latest flying times for today:

13.00 Memorial Flight (lancestar/hurricane/spitfire)

13.19 Long EZ

13.29 Red 10

13.34 The Blades

13.50 Tigers Army Parachute Team

14.07 Bremont Great War Team

14.27 Autogyro

14.37 Wildcats Aerobatics

15.00 Red Arrows

15.30 Bronco

15.42 Strikemaster

15.52 Catalina

16.04 Vampire Jets

16.18 AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers

16.35 G-EWIZ

16.48 Spitfire