Meet the man who helped bring thousands of people to the air show without a hitch

Mervyn Lambert Picture: Anthony Carroll

Mervyn Lambert Picture: Anthony Carroll - Credit: Archant

The man who helped to bring tens of thousands of people to the Great Yarmouth Air Show has called it the most hi-tech and sophisticated event of its kind in Norfolk.

Mervyn Lambert is the managing director of MLP Traffic Ltd and did the traffic plan for the show.

He said it brought him great satisfaction to see travel arrangements had gone smoothly in what he called the most sophisticated transport scheme of its kind in the Norfolk.

He said: “We planned and are responsible for making sure the traffic gets in and out of the show successfully without undue delay.

“It is about looking at current traffic flows and seeing what is best and we worked closely with First Bus and the local council and the police to ascertain what is the best way to get thousands of people in Yarmouth successfully.

“Planning is the key and the correct location of the park and rides is part of the key.

“Part of the key was actually taking the park and rides away from the Acle Straight so a lot of the traffic was diverted away from the A47 and the Acle roundabout to the north of the town. It was a planned strategy.

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“What I can say is this is the most highly sophisticated and hi-tech traffic management of an event Norfolk has ever seen.

“It has been in planning for two and a half years because obviously it was cancelled last year. We have had probably in excess of 50 meetings with the relevant authorities as part of this to make this air show a success. There has been a lot of hard work behind the scenes.”