Banksy's model village artwork to be moved to Peterborough

A cottage signed 'Banksy' has appeared in Merrivale Model Village in Great Yarmouth.

Banksy's artwork at Merrivale Model Village is moving to Peterborough Museum - Credit: Merrivale Model Village

One of Banksy's 'Great British Spraycation' artworks is to be moved from Great Yarmouth to Peterborough.

Banksy's work at the Merrivale Model Village is heading to the Peterborough Museum for an urban art exhibition opening at the end of the year.

The long term future of the work is yet to be decided but a replica model is in the works to be ready for summer 2022. 

The original will remain at the museum until the exhibition ends in May. 

A Banksy-style artwork has appeared in Merrivale Model Village in Great Yarmouth.

The artwork will feature in an exhibition on urban art in Peterborough - Credit: Merrivale Model Village

Owner of Merrival Model Village, Frank Newsome, 60, said: "Today is the last day to see the piece. We decided to move it as we can't afford to have it out in adverse weather."

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Frank and Frances Newsome bought the Merrivale Model Village business four years ago - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

Mr Newsome, who moved to Great Yarmouth four years ago when he bought the business, said the Banksy art was a mixed blessing.

He added: "We have definitely seen an increase in footfall but we've also had additional costs in order to keep the Banksy secure."

The artwork is one of seven pieces which appeared in Cromer, Lowestoft, Gorleston and Great Yarmouth.