Public toilets in ‘appalling state’ will not get council refurbishment funding

The public toilets on Second Avenue in Caister are in an "appalling state", according to a local cou

The public toilets on Second Avenue in Caister are in an "appalling state", according to a local councillor. - Credit: Archant

A council has decided it will not be spending a penny to help a village refurbish a set of seasonal toilets.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council wants to close the facility on Second Avenue in Caister but the parish council says it needs to be refurbished.

The issue was raised at a recent meeting with Great Yarmouth Borough Council, where Kevin Wood, vice-chairman of the parish council, said the toilets are in an “appalling state”.

The facilities, owned by the borough council, are seasonal, opened from April to September and during the October half-term, and operated through a management agreement with the parish council.

The parish council pays approximately £4,500 a year for them to be cleaned, Mr Wood said.

Last year, in a toilets review, the borough council decided to spend £160,000 on refurbishing public toilets at The Green in Martham, Caister High Street, The Ravine in Gorleston and North Drive in Great Yarmouth.

Mr Wood said that town hall officials insisted if the parish council did not continue to pay for the toilets’ upkeep, the borough council would close them.

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“We don’t have the resources to refurbish them,” Mr Wood said.

The borough council said it is refurbishing a number of toilets across the borough.

In a statement it said: “The borough council is undertaking a modernisation programme of its most well-used year-round toilets, as part of ongoing work to improve public conveniences for residents and visitors.”

Mr Wood said that “not enough work has been done” on the Second Avenue facility.

“They are deteriorating each year. If we get a hot day in the summer, there can be quite a considerable amount of people on the beach,” Mr Wood said.

The borough council said: “In recent years, the council has also revamped toilets at the Jetty and The Conge in Great Yarmouth, and Feathers Plain and Pier Head in Gorleston.

“With the possible exception of North Drive, which is linked to the Waterways restoration project, all toilets refurbished to date are facilities that are open all year round, including Caister High Street.

“No decision has yet been taken in relation to seasonal toilet facilities, including Second Avenue Caister. This facility is currently operated through a Management Agreement with Caister Parish Council.”