Council pay out six claims to drivers after car park ramp damaged vehicles

St Nicholas car park Great Yarmouth

St Nicholas carpark, on South Beach Parade in Great Yarmouth, where a faulty ramp cost the borough council £975 in claims in one week in 2019. - Credit: Google Map

A council paid out almost £10,000 in just over two years in claims for issues ranging from broken washing machines to a faulty carpark ramp which damaged six cars in one week.

From February 2018 to March 2020, Great Yarmouth Borough Council settled 21 separate claims.

The biggest single pay-out was £4,950, in April 2019, when tree roots at Gorleston Recreation Ground grew through and pushed up paving slabs in a neighbouring property.

Gorleston Recreation Ground

Gorleston Recreation Ground, where tree roots which pushed up into a neighboring property cost the borough council £4,950. - Credit: Google Maps

Three months later, at St Nicholas car park on South Beach Parade in Great Yarmouth, a faulty metal ramp proved expensive, costing the authority £975 in six separate claims in eight days.

The ramp got stuck in its up position and damaged six different cars, with claims ranging from £65 to £279 made on July 31, August 1, August 4, twice on August 5, and August 7.

In a statement, the council said: “A faulty flow flap in the carpark was reported to the Civil Enforcement Officers on the evening of July 30, resulting in an officer attending that same evening and putting temporary measures in place.

"The report occurred out of normal hours – inspection and repairs by a contractor were completed swiftly the next working day.

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"A second issue with a flow flap was reported on August 4 and it was therefore removed in order to prevent any further damage to vehicles exiting the car park," the council said.

Trips on council property were another reason for claims.

On December 20, 2018, a claimant was paid £80 after tripping over cable matting at the Christmas market.

Another person received £1,100 after tripping on tarmac that had lifted and split on a path along the seafront.

Issues at council-run properties including damp, washing machines damaged by faulty sockets, mice, a bathroom leak and asbestos contamination cost Town Hall almost £1,800.

On September 2, 2019, a plug socket tripped and broke a washing machine, resulting in a £100 claim.

The council paid £239 for a claim from June 2018, when dust from bathroom upgrade works damaged a person's stereo, hoover and carpets which all had to be steam-cleaned.