Yarmouth's Charlie Chaplin busker lands role in acclaimed BBC drama

Norwich's living Charlie Chaplin statue, Ant Arnold, has had a cameo in a new BBC drama.

Charlie Chaplin statue Ant Arnold shooting his cameo for Four Lives - Credit: Ant Arnold

A busker who entertains people in Great Yarmouth with his Charlie Chaplin act has appeared in a BBC drama about a serial killer.

Ant Arnold, who is well known in the resort for his statuesque tribute act on Regent Road, featured in a scene in Four Lives.

The gripping drama is about serial killer Stephen Port and the family of his victims' fight for justice, which saw major failings in the police investigation.

Stephen Merchant playing serial killer Stephen Port in Four Lives

Stephen Merchant playing serial killer Stephen Port in Four Lives - Credit: BBC/ITV Studios/Ben Blackall

Port drugged and murdered four young men in London and was jailed for a full life term in 2016. 

Mr Arnold, 54, features in a scene in the show's first episode where he waves at Port's second victim Gabriel Kovari, who is sketching the Charlie Chaplin act.

He said he was chosen for the cameo role to represent the "Charlie Chaplinesque" nature of the widely condemned police investigation.

The show went into production in 2019 but the the programme was only broadcast this month after the conclusion of a jury inquest into the deaths.

Mr Arnold, who holds an Equity acting card, said: "I can be seen standing in a street and waving to the second victim.

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"They just told me to spin my stick and wave.

"I have never done anything for the BBC before and it was exciting to be involved. I have had a lot of comments from people saying we saw you on that show."

Ant Arnold and his wife Gill at the Salford shoot of Four Lives

Ant Arnold and his wife Gill at the Salford shoot of Four Lives - Credit: Ant Arnold

The scene with Mr Arnold was shot in Salford and he took his wife Gill with him to the Greater Manchester city, which was representing London.

Mr Arnold, who lives off Great Yarmouth's seafront and has been a street entertainer for more than 30 years, uses a special Kryolan metallic make up to achieve his eye-catching look.

As well as Yarmouth he is well-known for busking in Norwich.

Ant Arnold moved to Great Yarmouth in December and is loving life in the town and looking forward to

Ant Arnold in Great Yarmouth - Credit: Archant

Four Lives saw The Office star Stephen Merchant portraying serial killer Port and Sheridan Smith playing Sarak Sak, the mother of his first victim, Anthony Walgate.

An inquest into the four deaths concluded last month, with the jury ruling that failings by the Metropolitan Police contributed to the deaths of Port's final three victims.

Port killed his four victims between 2014 and 2015.

Four Lives is available on the BBC iPlayer.