Police commissioner praises work of charity centre

Alison Hazell with Lorne GreenPicture: TMS Media

Alison Hazell with Lorne GreenPicture: TMS Media - Credit: Archant

A charity-run centre has been hailed a “lifeline” service by Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Lorne Green dropped in at Centre 81 in Great Yarmouth and spent time chatting with its members and staff.

He said he was inspired by the work done by the organisation and the impact it had on the lives of those who used its services.

“Many of the people who come here are very vulnerable and could be taken advantage of easily,” he said. “I met a couple here before from whom a neighbour was stealing money.

“For me, the most satisfying part of the job is making a difference to people’s lives and Centre 81 is an absolute lifeline for the people who come here.”

Chief executive Diana Staines said: “It’s lovely that he recognises the vulnerability of the people that we work with and wants to support them. It helps raise awareness of the work we are doing and for our members it acknowledges that we are not forgotten and that we are an important organisation.”

Centre 81 was launched in 1981 and has built up a vast amount of experience of working with people with physical, sensory and other disabilities, and a reputation for encouraging and helping members to develop their abilities, enjoy themselves and become more independent.

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It has recently acquired land that will almost double the size of its Tar Works Road site and allow it to create a new cutting-edge building.

Tracy Logan, from Rollesby, has mobility issues and her mother is Tracy’s full-time carer. She said she had reached the point where she was having thoughts about ending her life before a trainee social worker got her a referral to Centre 81.

“It has been a life-saver for me,” said Tracy. “I had a fall out of a hospital bed last March and hurt my hip and since then I’ve not been able to get in or out of the bath. Each day I come here I get a shower and my hair washed and they pamper me and do my nails. It’s amazing.

“I feel very isolated at home when I can’t get out and I was suicidal. When I come here you are with people who know what you are going through.”