Norfolk and Suffolk Election 2021: Low turnout in Great Yarmouth

Cllr Carl Smith wearing a face mask

Cllr Carl Smith was "very delighted" with the outcome of the election. - Credit: James Weeds

Great Yarmouth was blue again on county council election results day as the Conservatives enjoyed more success.

Cllr Carl Smith wearing a face mask

Cllr Carl Smith was "very delighted" with the outcome of the election. - Credit: James Weeds

The party held on to seats across the borough, and also gained Yarmouth North and Central with a majority of 350.

Graham Carpenter took the seat, which had been held by Mick Castle (Independent), who announced his retirement at the end of last year.

Mr Carpenter said: "I'm extremely happy to be elected."

Counters counting votes in the town hall.

Due to covid restrictions, the town hall was very quiet for the counting of the County Council votes. - Credit: James Weeds

Labour held on to Yarmouth Nelson and Southtown with Mike Smith-Clare claiming a majority of 79.

His Labour colleague Colleen Walker held Magdalen with a majority of 104.

Mr Smith-Clare said: "A huge thanks to all those who have had faith and voted for me to carry on. We know we've got a lot to change, particularly in my division, but I can guarantee I will continue to try to make as much change as I can."

The town hall looking very empty.

The County Council election saw 28.71% of potential votes. - Credit: James Weeds

Mike Smith-Clare, borough councillor for Great Yarmouth's Central and Northgate ward. Photo: Archant

Cllr Mike Smith-Clare held on to his seat for Yarmouth Nelson and Southtown - Credit: Archant

The Conservatives also gained two Borough Council seats in Ormesby with Ron Hanton beating Labour's Alison Green, with a majority of 619, and Bob Price won the vote for Claydon ahead of Jo Thurtle, Labour, by 80 votes.

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Carl Smith expressed his delight for the Conservatives gains and holding on to their other seats.

"This has certainly been a different election," Mr Smith said regarding the Covid restrictions.

"I hope we don't have to go through that again, but there is light at the end of the tunnel."

Sheila Oxtoby on a podium.

Chief executive of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Sheila Oxtoby thanked all staff, candidates and voters for their flexibility. - Credit: James Weeds

Sheila Oxtoby, local (deputy) returning officer for Great Yarmouth and chief executive of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, said: “As a result of coronavirus, we put in place robust risk mitigation measures for the operation of our polling stations and the count.

"I would like to thank all colleagues involved in the elections, as well as the candidates and agents and the voters themselves, for being flexible, rising to the challenge and doing things slightly differently this year to ensure the elections could happen safely and efficiently.”


Breydon: Gareth Howe (LD) 83, Hannah Morris (G) 171, Carl Smith * (C) 1615, Trevor Wainwright (L) 676. CON HOLD. Turnout: 29.03pc.

Lothingland: Carl Annison * (C) 1687, Adrian Myers (I) 353, Trevor Rawson (G) 139, Tony Wright (L) 514. CON HOLD. Turnout: 28.19pc.

East Flegg: James Bensly (C) 1975, Edd Bush (L) 384, Hannah Gray (G) 328, Nicholas Read (LD) 43. CON HOLD. Turnout: 34.78pc.

Caister on Sea: Penny Carpenter * (C) 1642, Stuart Hellingsworth (L) 685, Kenneth Petersen (G) 126. CON HOLD. Turnout: 33.4pc.

Yarmouth North and Central:  Graham Carpenter (C) 1049, Ron Ellis (I) 213, Tony Harris (LD) 89, Anne Killett (G) 91, Sandy Lysaght (L) 699, Carrie Talbot (UKIP) 121. CON GAIN FROM IND. Turnout 25pc.

Magdalen: Ivan Murray-Smith (C) 978, Georgie Oatley (G) 183, Colleen Walker * (L) 1082. LAB HOLD. Turnout: 27.19pc

West Flegg: Andy Grant (C) 1432, Emma Punchard (G) 299, Claire Wardley (L) 287, Rebecca Woods (LD) 82. CON HOLD. Turnout: 32pc.

Gorleston St Andrews: Tracey Darnell (G) 181, Graham Plant * (C) 1369, Gordon Smith (LD) 124, Jo Thurtle (L) 734. CON HOLD. Turnout: 30.87pc.

Yarmouth Nelson and South Town: Daniel Candon (C) 681, Rebecca Durant (G) 109, Mark Godfrey (LD) 79, Mick Riley (Reform) 74, Mike Smith-Clare * (L) 760. LAB HOLD. Turnout: 19.06pc.

In the Scratby Parish Council by-election, the Independent candidate, Pete Holley, beat Andy Grant with a majority of 198.