Doctor Who star shares positive Covid test after Norfolk appearance

Nicola Bryant at Great Yarmouth Comic Con. She tested positive for Covid on Tuesday.

Nicola Bryant at Great Yarmouth Comic Con. She tested positive for Covid on Tuesday. - Credit: Anthony Carroll

A Doctor Who star has warned people that attended a sci-fi convention in Great Yarmouth to take a Covid test after she tested positive for the virus.

Nicola Bryant, who played 1980s companion Peri, had attended the two-day Great Yarmouth Comic Con at the town's racecourse over the weekend.

She appeared at the convention alongside Colin Baker, who played the sixth Doctor, and television favourite Christopher Biggins.

Colin Baker, who played the sixth Doctor, has materialised at Comic Con Great Yarmouth

Colin Baker, who played the sixth Doctor, materialised at Great Yarmouth Comic Con - Credit: Anthony Carroll

Hundreds of people attended both days.

Ms Bryant alerted fans that she had tested positive for Covid in a Tweet on Tuesday.

It said: "I have just tested positive for Covid. I was clear on Monday and Friday last week, developed a sniffle yesterday and today … ta da!

"Just letting anyone know who met me at the weekend, so you too can test. Sending love."

She added in another Tweet that she did not feel"really well".

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Replying to a fan who had also tested positive on the same day Ms Bryant said: "Avoided it for over two years but seems impossible to miss these days. Take care."

Other fans sent in their best wishes such as "Sending lots of love! Keep drinking and take it easy, it’s the best solution I found after having it recently. Hope it gets better quickly".

Another person said: "Oh nooo! Sorry to hear this Nicola, not the way anyone wants a convention to end. I wish you a speedy recovery.  Thank you for being so lovely over the weekend."

During her stay in Great Yarmouth Ms Bryant visited several venues in the town with her convention colleagues.

She saw Top Gun: Maverick at the Arc Cinema and had dinner at the Albatross Italian restaurant.


Nicola Bryant, Christopher Biggins (second and third from left) and Colin Baker (third from right) with the staff at Arc Cinema after seeing Top Gun: Maverick - Credit: Arc Cinema

Ms Bryant played American companion Peri from 1984 to 1986 and was companion to the fifth Doctor played by Peter Davison and the sixth Doctor, played by Mr Baker.

Speaking at the convention she said: “We are a giant family. It is just lovely to meet the fans and chat, some I meet time after time.

“We are very blessed in being able to come and do this.”

People with Covid are advised to stay at home and avoid contact with people for five days.

For more advice visit