Great Yarmouth drug den shut down in another Operation Gravity success

The flat in Ordnance Road
Picture: Great Yarmouth police

The flat in Ordnance Road Picture: Great Yarmouth police - Credit: Archant

This is the flat in Great Yarmouth that was used for illegal drug activity and was shut down following a joint investigation by the police and the council.

The property in Ordnance Road, managed by Great Yarmouth Borough Council, has been a hotbed for drug use and anti-social behaviour for several months say the council and police.

The council was successful this week in obtaining a closure order from the Magistrates Court, after securing evidence of drugs misuse and other anti-social behaviour in the flat.

This week’s order was granted for a period of three months making it a criminal offence for anybody to be inside the property.

The order pinned to the door of the sealed of flat says: “A person has engaged (or if the order is not made) is likely to engage in disorderly, offensive criminal behaviour on the premises.

“The use of the premises has been associated with the occurrence of disorder or serious nuisance to members of the public.

“The making of the order is necessary to prevent the occurrence of such behaviour disorder serious nuisance from continuing reoccurring or occurring for a period of six months.”

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The order added that anyone who breaches the order can be jailed for up to six months and/or face a fine.

After the closure the council said is was another positive outcome under Operation Gravity, Norfolk Constabulary’s campaign targeting the supply and transportation of Class A drugs in the county.

Councillor Andy Grant said: “We’re committed to tackling and reducing this type of behaviour which will help to improve the quality of life for local tenants and residents. We are continuing to offer support for members of the community that may need help to break the cycle of drug abuse.

“However, when this intervention fails, tenants and residents can be reassured we will take action where appropriate and necessary.”

A statement from Great Yarmouth police said: Today Great Yarmouth Borough Council supported by OPT and the local SNT, successfully secured a closure order for a property on Ordnance Road. The order has been granted because of the ongoing crime and antisocial behaviour associated with the address.”