E-scooter riders clock up 10,000 miles in over two weeks

E-scooter trial Great Yarmouth

Taking part in the trial on the cycleway beside the Town Hall: The council’s political group leaders, Cllr Carl Smith (front right) and Trevor Wainwright (front left), together with Sheila Oxtoby, the CEO (back left), and Cllr Penny Carpenter, chairman of the environment committee (back right). - Credit: Great Yarmouth Borough Council

An e-scooter trial in Great Yarmouth has got off to a busy start with more than 10,000 miles clocked up in just over two weeks.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is working with authorised operator Ginger, which is providing 35 scooters and 50 parking bays, as part of a pilot to help the government to decide whether or not to legalise e-scooters.

Since the trial launched at the end of March, 1,512 registered users have travelled a total of 11,183 miles.

An e-scooter parking bay on Great Yarmouth seafront

An e-scooter parking bay on Great Yarmouth seafront. - Credit: Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Penny Carpenter, chairperson of the council's environment committee, said: "While e-scooters have been around for a while in Norwich and bicycles have long been a common mode of transport, we’re still very much in the early stages of the Great Yarmouth trial and people are getting used to riding the e-scooters and seeing them around.

"We continue to review and monitor operations in partnership with e-scooter operator Ginger, the police and the county council as highways authority.

"For example, we’ve added Regent Road as one of our e-scooter dismount zones to coincide with the reopening of more shops and tourism-related businesses," she added.

Victor Ling, Great Yarmouth

Victor Ling, 47, who has used Great Yarmouth's e-scooters three times, says they are "user-friendly". - Credit: Victor Ling

Victor Ling, who has used the e-scooters three times so far, said: "The first time was for a bit of fun, the second time to go up to the seafront and have a cup of tea, and the third time to pick up my van which was being serviced at Albies workshop."

The 47-year-old, who runs a photography business in Victoria Arcade, added: "I find them very user-friendly and I like the concept. I'll definitely use them again."

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He said he has noticed "quite a few kids using them, under-16 year olds, which is fine until something goes wrong".

"There are little problems here and there but in general I think it's really positive and we need to look at the future and look at using things like this," Mr Ling said.

The trial zone covers residential areas and key commuter routes within Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Bradwell, as well as both seafronts and other key employment areas.

For everything you need to know about booking an e-scooter and riding one safely, please visit www.great-yarmouth.gov.uk/e-scooters Safety advice and online training is also available on the Ginger website at www.ginger.town/safety