Why George has been coming to Great Yarmouth every summer for 75 years

George Bennett

George Bennett has holidayed in Great Yarmouth every year for the last 75 years - Credit: Danielle Booden

George Bennett is a holidaymaker who just can't get enough of his favourite resort.

For the last 75 years Mr Bennett has holidayed in Great Yarmouth every year and still gets a buzz when he sees its Golden Mile and many attractions.

George Bennett

George Bennett loves the Golden Mile - Credit: Danielle Booden

The 79-year-old has spent the week in the town after travelling from his home in Ryhall, Rutland with his son Mark, 48.

Mr Bennett's first holiday in the resort was in July 1946 at the age of four, with his parents Len and Agnes and siblings Len and Winifred.

He still remembers being in the backseat of his father's Singer car as they approached the town for the first time after a five hour journey from the Lincolnshire area.

As a young boy he loved the Joyland snails and playing games on the beach with his brother and sister and seeing top stars at shows. He even got the chance to meet some, including Ken Dodd and Keith Harris.

Over the years he developed a love for Yarmouth and can not resist its lure every year.

He said: "It has kept a lot of its character. I just like the atmosphere, the people are nice and there are still a lot of things to do."

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He honeymooned on the Golden Mile in 1966 with his wife Sheila.

Mr Bennett, a former advertising manager for a motorcycle magazine, still breaks out in a smile when he remembers all the shows he has seen over the years at the town's piers, the Aquarium, The Windmill and the ABC.

He recalls seeing Jimmy Tarbuck perform one of his earliest shows and having some banter with Max Bygraves during a show.


Max Bygraves seen fooling around in Great Yarmouth. George Bennett remembers bantering with him at a show in the town - Credit: Archant

Mr Bennett also remembered a plague of ladybirds hitting the town and a swarm of poisonous jellyfish off the Golden Mile.

His father would book a year in advance and always secured a beach hut for their two week stay every July.

Mr Bennett and his son are staying at the Marine Lodge Hotel.

George Bennett

Holidaymaker supreme George Bennett with the manager of Marina Lodge Scott Barnes - Credit: Danielle Booden

Its manager Scott Barnes said: "We get a lot of return guests such as George and it is always great to see them. It is brilliant for Great Yarmouth that he and others keep coming back."

Variety Artists cricket match at Great Yarmouth - Jimmy Tarbuck - pic taken 4th august 1968 m9002-

A Variety Artists cricket match at Great Yarmouth with Jimmy Tarbuck at the crease. Mr Bennett recalls seeing one of his early shows - Credit: Archant

When George Bennett first came to Great Yarmouth

1946 was the second summer that the seafront had been opened up again due to the war and de-mining operations were still going on across the town, with powerwasher de-miners used on the seafront that year.

The year also saw the first bananas since pre-war arrive in the town. The 2,200 bunches were for under-18s.

Nicols Seafood on Great Yarmouth's Market opened for the first time in 1946.

On December 7, 1946, greyhound racing returned to Yarmouth Stadium following the end of the war. A five-year-old Mr Bennett would have seen it in 1947 on his second trip.