Great Yarmouth's herring girl strike is subject in new play

Herring Girls

The play We Will Stand covers the 1936 herring girl's strike, where workers demanded fair pay and better working conditions. - Credit: Robert Eke

A strike led by the Great Yarmouth's herring women in 1936 is the subject of a new play.

The play We Will Stand, which covers a part of the town's history from when it was still a prosperous fishing port, will be performed from 2.30pm on Saturday, July 2, by the town wall on Blackfriars Road.

The play revisits the true story of some of the town's women workers taking industrial action and banding together in a fight for fair wages and better working conditions.

Organisers, the Norwich-based community theatre group Crude Apache, say the play is an "energetic account of triumph, and tragedy alongside humour and song".

The play is free-to-attend and no booking is necessary. It will be held outside and seating will not be provided. However, chairs, blankets and picnics are welcome.

The play is currently being toured around the Norwich and Great Yarmouth area, having been performed at Norwich's Heigham Park and Becketswell in Wymondham.

For details, visit Crude Apache's website.