Great Yarmouth inventor George Manby to feature on BBC programme

A portrait of Manby

A portrait of Manby - Credit: Archant

Great Yarmouth is to feature in a television programme tonight on BBC One.

From 7.30pm presenter Aarathi Prasad will explore the extraordinary contribution that inventors in the east of the country have made to the development of water-based technology in Invented in the East.

The final stop of her tour in the programme is Great Yarmouth where Aarathi learns about the work of 19th century naval captain George Manby.

Manby’s pulley system inventions, the Manby Mortar and Breeches Buoy, have been responsible for saving thousands and thousands of lives at sea and he has also been credited with inventing some of the very first pressurised fire extinguishers.

The programme also features Somerleyton Marina where Cambridge-born innovator and inventor of the hovercraft Christopher Cockerell owned a boatyard.