Great Yarmouth homes throw out grand piano worth of unrecycled rubbish a year

Great Yarmouth recycling figures have been released. Picture: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Great Yarmouth recycling figures have been released. Picture: Philip Toscano/PA Wire - Credit: PA

The amount of rubbish thrown out by residents in Great Yarmouth that was not recycled is the equivalent to the weight of a grand piano for every house in the borough, figures have shown.

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Great Yarmouth is the worst in the county for recycling, with just 33.3pc of household waste being reprocessed.

In the last financial year, on average, each home chucked out 519kg of refuse which was not recycled - more than the weight of a grand piano.

The county’s overall household waste recycling rate for 2016/17 was 46.7pc - just under the government’s target of 50pc by 2020.

However, it is higher than the England average of 44pc.

The latest figures from Defra show in the past financial year Norfolk cleared away 425,657 tonnes of rubbish - 95pc of which was household waste.

Of the 189,031 tonnes from homes which was recycled or reused, 55pc was dry recycling and the rest was compost.

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The 53pc that wasn’t recycled either went into landfill or was incinerated at special treatment plants, with the ash used as a fuel for energy and also in construction projects.

Carl Smith, chairman of the Great Yarmouth Borough Council’s environment committee, said: “Great Yarmouth’s recycling rate for dry recycling – the items people put in their green wheelie bins – is broadly in line with that of other Norfolk areas.

However, the overall rate for ‘household waste recycling’ is lower because this figure also includes garden waste.

“Great Yarmouth’s kerbside collection scheme for garden waste continues to grow in popularity, but does not yet have as many members as those schemes run in other Norfolk areas because it has not been in existence for an many years.

“The borough council continues to work closely with council’s across Norfolk, through the Norfolk Waste Partnership, to take a county-wide approach to encouraging recycling.

“In addition, the borough has a dedicated waste and recycling communications officer, and two community recycling assistants, who work to promote responsible waste disposal in the area. To sign up for the council’s brown wheelie bin kerbside collection service for garden waste, call 01493 742142.”