Man with history of attacking police fined for assaulting another

Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court. PHOTO: Google Streetview

Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court. PHOTO: Google Streetview - Credit: Archant

A man who has a history of attacking police officers has admitted assaulting another.

Daniel Folkes, 34, of Southampton Place, Great Yarmouth, appeared at the town’s magistrates’ court on Thursday, September 17 charged with assaulting a police officer and obstructing the execution of his duty on May 19.

He was also charged with using threatening words/behaviour towards a man he believed had stolen his bike on June 21. Folkes admitted all charges.

Prosecutor Robyn Khan said police were called to a house in Great Yarmouth over an argument between the defendant and his partner in May.

When the officer arrived, the court heard a drunk Folkes refused to leave and began “smashing things up”.

Ms Khan said: “When it was explained he couldn’t go upstairs to see his daughter, Folkes became irate. He then lunged at PC Greening, causing redness to his lower arm.”

In terms of the second offence, Ms Khan said Folkes had gone about locating a stolen push bike, and turned up at an address in Great Yarmouth where he made threats to stab the victim and threw a stone at his children.

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The court heard Folkes has 20 previous convictions covering 30 offences, including three assaults on officers.

Anne-Marie Sheridan, mitigating, said Folkes’ emotions were “heightened” amid lockdown at the time of the assault.

She said: “He’s a hard worker, and it was a shock for him to be laid off without being placed on furlough.”

She added: “He describes himself as ‘old school’. He cares deeply for his three children and just wants to provide for them. He’s been offence-free for five years and has matured.”

In relation to the second incident - involving threatening behaviour - Ms Sheridan said the victim’s family had also been aggressive.

She said: “One of the children had a pool cue in his hand. Mr Folkes picked up the concrete stone in defence.

“He was told - ‘if you’ve lost a bike in Yarmouth, this is where it’ll end up’. Indeed, the bike was located at that property, with the son of the victim claiming he had ‘found’ it.”

Folkes was fined £576 for the assault and obstruction, and £100 compensation costs to PC Greening. He was also charged an £105 contribution to court costs, £50 for his threatening behaviour and a £62 victim surcharge.