Great Yarmouth man loses job for cycling on pavement

A McDonalds worker lost his job after he was stopped by police cycling on a pavement in Great Yarmouth, a court heard.

Dwight Barnett was fined �30 today after he admitted cycling on the pavement in Hall Quay in July 13 at Yarmouth Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard Barnett, of Avondale Road, Gorleston, had cycled past police officers who were dealing with a minor traffic accident at 4.45pm.

After being stopped the 18-year-old tried to pull away from police, who had to avoid going on to a busy road.

Stephen Poole, prosecuting, said: “He felt he was being picked on. It all became a bit abusive.

He tried to ride off.”

The court heard because he was the late for work and involved with police Barnett had lost his job at McDonalds just five months after moving from Luton to start a new life.

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Richard Bayliss, mitigating, said his client told police: “Why are you picking on me because there are other people cycling on the pavement?”.

He added: “He is disappointed having found a job he got involved in a minor spat involving his push bike.”

The court heard Barnett was becoming an apprentice care worker.

Barnett was also fined �50 for resisting a police officer and fined �75 for obstructing a police officer from an incident involving his girlfriend on August 29.