"Oh that's me!"- Holidaymakers surprise at 1960 Yarmouth seafront picture

Great Yarmouth beach 1960

Linda and her twin sister Carol and brother Roger on Great Yarmouth beach in 1960 - Credit: Archant

It is a photograph that sums up the typical Great British summer holiday with children having fun making a sandcastle.

But this picture from our archives of Great Yarmouth seafront in 1960 caused a woman from Cambridgeshire to stop in her tracks in total surprise.

The picture is part of a collection of photographs used as hoarding around the Marina Centre leisure facility construction site on Yarmouth seafront to demonstrate the area's history.

Linda Davies was on holiday with her partner from St Neots when she spotted the picture that depicts her making a sandcastle with her twin sister Carol and brother Roger. 

The Hinton siblings had been on holiday in 1960 from their home in Fulham and the twins were 12 at the time.

Mrs Davies said:  "It was a surprise and delight to see the photograph. I stood there and said "That's me", people nearby must have thought I was mad."

The new £26m Marina Centre leisure complex is due to open next summer.