Great Yarmouth MP lends support to shop local scheme

GREAT Yarmouth’s MP has added his support to the Buy Local Norfolk campaign this week.

Buy Local Norfolk provides an accreditation service for local businesses, who may then display the Buy Local logo to identify themselves to the growing number of businesses and consumers to who buying local is important.

Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis said: “I am very pleased to support Buy Local Norfolk.

“Buying local benefits the Norfolk economy by putting money back in the pockets of small and medium sized businesses in Yarmouth and elsewhere.

“The impact on the environment of more business being done locally is also something to be encouraged.

“I look forward to seeing Buy Local Norfolk moving from strength to strength this year.”

Martin Lake, Buy Local Norfolk director, said: “Everyone at Buy Local Norfolk is delighted to see our brilliant logo displayed on the home web page of Great Yarmouth MP Mr Brandon Lewis - this acknowledgement means a lot to us and makes all the years of voluntary effort seem wonderfully worthwhile.

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“Mr Lewis supporting Buy Local Norfolk in this way really helps to raise the profile of Buy Local Norfolk and our wider purpose of identifying businesses which are truly local to Norfolk, which we think is important because it is these businesses that attract and retain cash here for use within the Norfolk economy, and more cash equals more job opportunities equals more vibrant, purposeful communities.”