Neighbours oppose off-licence over crime fears

Northgate Street premises

A premises on Northgate Street in Great Yarmouth is being refurbished into a convenience store. - Credit: Submitted

Neighbours concerned about crime have objected to a plan to open an off-licence in Great Yarmouth.

The bid to serve alcohol in a convenience store on Northgate Street, will be discussed next Wednesday (January 27) by the licencing sub-committee of Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

Variety Food Store opened two months ago. If agreed, it would sell alcohol from 7am to 11pm, Monday to Saturday, and 8am to 10pm on Sunday.

Norfolk Police have raised no objections to the plan, providing the shop owners install CCTV and operate a proof of age policy.

Eduardo Queiroz, who will supervise the off-licence, said: "I would never sell alcohol to drunk people or people who appear to be over the limit."

199 Northgate Street Great Yarmouth

A premises with an off-licence could open on Northgate Street in Great Yarmouth is an application is approved. - Credit: Google Maps

There have been 29 objections from neighbours raising concerns about drunkenness.

Residents said there were already three off-licences and three pubs on Northgate Street and that alcohol "can potentially increase the risk of crime".

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One neighbour said there were two schools in the area and "children could feel uncomfortable if walking to school if there are drunk people on the street".

Previously, the premises operated as a carpet shop.