Great Yarmouth people on whether they still wear masks

Halfway down Regent Road in the sunshine. It is crowded.

Regent Road earlier in the summer. - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

People in Great Yarmouth have shared a mixture of responses about whether they still wear face masks.

Before July 19, mask-wearing was a legal requirement in the UK for people to enter shops, pubs and restaurants.

However, since restrictions were lifted, some venues in the town have stated that their strict approach had been adhered to without objection, while others said that most people are out of the habit wearing masks, but will still insist on using other protection such as hand sanitizer.

We hit the streets of Great Yarmouth to see if people are still wearing face masks.

Beth, a woman on Regent Road

Beth, a new mother, said she only wears mask when she goes to hospital or the doctors. - Credit: James Weeds

Beth, 21, a new mother who was walking a pram down Regent Road, said: "No, I don't really wear them anymore.

"I put one on when I was pregnant.

"But now, I only wear one when I go to hospital or to the doctors."

Michael, a holidaymaker from Huddersfield

Michael, a holidaymaker from Huddersfield, said he still wore his mask indoors. - Credit: James Weeds

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Michael, 65, a holidaymaker from Huddersfield, said: "We still wear ours when we go to the shops or anything like that.

"I always have one on me, so I wear one when necessary."

Dennis, from Huddersfield

Dennis, a holidaymaker from Huddersfield, said it would be rude not to wear a mask. - Credit: James Weeds

Dennis, 71, also from Huddersfield, said: "I always carry my face mask on me.

"I wear mine everywhere.

"It would be rude not to."

Tom, a street trader on Regent Road

Tom, a street trader on Regent Road, said he has noticed less people wearing masks since July. - Credit: James Weeds

Jim, a street trader on Regent Road, said he had noticed that not as many people wore masks anymore.

"You still try to, but sometimes, it's so easy forget.

"Right now, it’s a bit too hot to wear one.

"But I will use the snood in the winter."

David and Angela, who were enjoying the sunshine down Regent Road, stated their breathing difficulties made them take extra caution.

Angela, a woman on Regent Road

Angela said she still wears a face mask, even when it is crowded outside. - Credit: James Weeds

"The thing is, we’re a bit old," Angela said. 

"We always wear a mask when we go inside or if it is really crowded outside."

David, a man on Regent Road

David said he was still being cautious. - Credit: James Weeds

David added: "We don’t breathe that well, so it’s best to be protected.

"Neither of us had caught Covid - touch wood - so we think being careful has definitely worked"