'I think it's pretty fair' - Great Yarmouth people react to Tier 2 announcement

A taxi driver in Great Yarmouth.

Kevin Johnson, 51, a taxi driver in Great Yarmouth, says that Tier 2 seems "fair". - Credit: Brittany Woodman

Reaction in Great Yarmouth to the news the town will enter Tier 2 restrictions next week ranged from surprise to phlegmatism.

Karen Stockwell, 64, a nurse, said: “I don’t think tier 2 is bad. I work for the NHS, the winter is bad enough, so I can understand the reaction, that they don’t want to overload the hospitals. 

A daughter and mother in Great Yarmouth.

Lisa and Karen Stockwell, daughter and mother, said their life will not really be impacted by the move to Tier 2 restrictions. - Credit: Brittany Woodman

The restrictions won't really impact her, she said. "Not really, there is only the three of us anyway. We don't see a lot of people. We won't be having a big Christmas."

Melissa Whiting, 19, who works at St Nicholas' Children's Centre, said: "As long as we can get things back to the way they were as soon as possible, making sure everybody understands what is going on.

A young woman sitting on a bench in Great Yarmouth marketplace.

Melissa Whiting, 19, from Great Yarmouth, hopes that everything can get back to normal as soon as possible. - Credit: Brittany Woodman

"I won't be able to go see my granny who is dying of cancer but at the same time, you have to do what you have to do."

Paul Smith, 67, said: "It's not a shock. I kind of expected it."

He also said the move to Tier 2 won't really affect him. "I just really want it all to be over," he said.

Kevin Johnson, 51, a taxi driver, said: "Tier 2 is alright, I think it's pretty fair.

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"Last week [business] was unbelievably bad. It will mean a bit more footfall around here. People can have a drink at Wetherspoons, then they might get a taxi. It's the knock-on effects."

Gary and John Salmon, father and son, run the Pie and Pea stall in Great Yarmouth's outdoor market.

Gary Salmon, 71, said: "I'm surprised we're in Tier 2 as we've been pretty low all the way along.

"After lockdown I thought we'd be as low as we were before, in Tier 1, but if anything we've gone back up."

A man working at a pie stall in Great Yarmouth

John Salmon, 40, runs the Pie and Pea stall in Great Yarmouth outdoor market with his father, Gary. - Credit: Brittany Woodman

John Salmon, 40, said: "It's quite a shock. I wasn't expecting it to be Tier 2. I was hoping things would improve."

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Luke Cole, 25, and Ciara Sullivan, 23, were eating chips at the marketplace.

Mr Cole said: "I think it's decent. I think that the tier system will work better than a lockdown, because with a lockdown people get upset with the decisions, but will listen more when it's a tier system, because shops will be open for Christmas."

Mr Sullivan said he was happy with the tier system but less certain about the Christmas bubble.

"What's the point of brushing it off for a five-day period at Christmas? What's the point of jeopardising everything?"

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