Police appeal to moped and motorcycle riders to behave responsibly

Sgt Julie Johnson and PC Natalie SimmonsPicture: Anthony Carroll

Sgt Julie Johnson and PC Natalie SimmonsPicture: Anthony Carroll - Credit: Archant

An increase in the anti-social use of motorcycles and mopeds across the borough of Great Yarmouth has seen police issue a plea to youngsters to act responsibly.

Police have issued the appeal to teenagers due to the fears on how their behaviour is impacting on communities due to noise, riding on private land and driving them recklessly.

As a sign of the growing problem, there are between one or two reports a day in the Gorleston area about the problem and it is said that families are being chased off Mill Lane playing field in Bradwell by youths on the vehicles.

To tackle the problem police are working with landowners on how to secure land and put up warning signs, officers are going into high schools to highlight the dangers of riding anti-socially and are seizing vehicles if they are used illegally.

Police are also appealing directly to riders to make sure they know the rules of using vehicles, such as needing insurance and a licence on public roads, and how they behaviour can impact on residents’ lives.

The issues have been highlighted by Sgt Julie Johnson and PC Natalie Simmons, who cover Gorleston and the southern villages area.

Sgt Johnson said: “We are getting a lot of people who are saying it is impacting on their communities. It can be the noise, using them on private land and causing damage.

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“It is often associated with gangs of youths and they might not know the impact they are having. They may not be aware of what they are doing if illegal as well.”

PC Simmons said that families and children had been “chased off” Mill Lane playing field by motorcycle and moped riders and it was a problem across her patch.

Appealing to young riders she added: “If you are going to have a motorbike or moped use it responsibly and think about the community.”

Figures from 2017 show in there were 174 incidents of anti-social behaviour relating to mopeds in the borough, with four reports of drink-driving on mopeds.

Anyone who sees a motorcycle or moped rider acting anti-socially or illegally should call police on 101.