Police seize rottweilers under Dangerous Dog Act powers

Police seized two rottweilers. Picture: Archant

Police seized two rottweilers. Picture: Archant

Police in Great Yarmouth have seized two rottweilers after a cyclist was bitten and some children were reported to have been chased by them.

The police seized the dogs from a home in the Southtown area of the town this morning under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Police say the first incident involving the dogs happened on June 8 when a cyclist was bitten while the second incident happened on Wednesday, July 11 when children were reportedly chased by the dogs.

Enquiries by Great Yarmouth Police into the first incident have resulted in a police report being sent to the court for consideration of offences against a woman while the second incident is still under investigation.

The dogs will be temporarily re-homed while the case is ongoing.

It is an offence to let a dog be dangerous out of control anywhere, both on private property, such as a home or garden, and in a public place.