Dover closure to have 'minimal impact' on Yarmouth port

Work at Peel Ports site

Work at Peel Ports site - Credit: Archant

The closure of Dover will have "minimal impact" on freight traffic at Great Yarmouth port, according to the facility's operators.

The port of Dover, which normally sees 10,000 lorries a day at peak periods like Christmas, is currently closed to outbound traffic over concerns about the new coronavirus variant.

Richard Goffin, port director for Peel Ports in the southeast, said: “Throughout the pandemic and Brexit transition period, we have ensured all our ports including Great Yarmouth remain open for business and are fully operational.

“Over the last few months, we have been preparing rigorously to ensure we are as prepared as possible for varying outcomes in light of the evolving pandemic and Brexit situations.

“This includes significant investments in people, infrastructure and technologies to ensure we have capacity to accommodate cargo switch routes and modes, should we see any diversion of routes as a result of the issues this weekend.”