Pub manager banned from driving after speeding twice in Range Rover Sport

A man caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to an immaculate Mercedes and a van following an an

A man caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to an immaculate Mercedes and a van following an angry dispute over unpaid wages, a court heard. Photo: Archant

A pub manager caught speeding twice in his Range Rover Sport in Great Yarmouth has been banned from driving.

Constantinos Mantilaris, who runs the Norada Pub on Bridge Road in Potter Heigham, drove above the speed limit on Caister Road on June 30 and May 16 last year.

The 46-year-old, who lives in the rear of the premises, was also caught driving without insurance on October 1, 2018 along the A47 at Fransham.

Despite pleading guilty to the offences, he appeared at Norwich Magistrates' Court on Monday, August 12, to argue exceptional hardship.

Mantilaris told the court he required access to a vehicle on a daily basis to purchase stock for the pub and to take his children to and from school.

He said: "Every day we are waiting on money to come in so I can buy alcohol [for the pub].

"But the biggest concern is my children getting to school."

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When asked what would happen if he was unable to manage the business, he said: "We will lose everything".

Mantilaris said he is currently on universal credit after his wife left him to look after their three children.

He said because of his care commitments, he had to stop working at the pub.

However, he told the court he will return once his mother moves up from London in September to help look after his children.

"The landlord who owns the [pub] business has been understanding," Mantilaris said. "They are allowing us to trade without any rent coming in."

The court heard how Mantilaris had previously been disqualified from driving for six months in June 2016.

He said that during his last period of disqualification, his children had to walk to school or rely on lifts from others.

He pleaded guilty to driving at 46mph on the A149 Caister Road in Great Yarmouth, which is a 40mph limit, on May 16 last year.

He also admitted speeding on the same road on July 30, this time travelling at 52mph.

In regard to having no insurance, he said his cover had lapsed at midnight on the day of the offence, meaning he had only been uninsured for about 10 hours.

Magistrates did not accept exceptional hardship. Mantilaris was disqualified him from driving for 12 months. He was also ordered to pay £230 in costs.