Business boost takes edge off England's Euros loss at Yarmouth pubs

The Jube

Football fans at The Jube, at Market Gates in Great Yarmouth, enjoying the Euro 2020 tournament. - Credit: The Jube

England may have lost the Euro 2020 final - but the team's participation until the last kick of the tournament was a welcome boost for some pubs hit by more than a year of intermittent lockdowns.

Bradley Fish, owner of The Jube in Market Gates, said the football was "fantastic" for business.

"It was great because England got to the final. It would have been terrible if they didn't make it that far.

Recorder speaks to pubs ahead of Euro 2020 final

England's progress all the way to the final of Euro 2020 was a shot in the arm for trade at Yarmouth's pubs. - Credit: PA

"Something we're quite proud of is that we didn't have any trouble all through the thing.

"The fans were all in good tune and good voice.

"On the negative side, it messed up with the usual trade, with the final being on Sunday, it wasn't such a great Friday or Saturday, cause people decided to wait.

"But it's been a massive help and boost to the industry, a much needed shot in the arm.

"Without it, a lot of places would have been suffering, not having that to bridge the gap before we can fully open again," Mr Fish said.

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Jamie Jones, owner of Merlins Sports Bar on Apsley Road, said: "The further England went, the busier we were. The team getting to the final made a big difference."

The atmosphere during the final was "electric", he said.

"We did have a little bit of trouble with people getting frustrated towards the end but door staff dealt with that.

"Overall, it was very good for business," Mr Jones said.

Gail Smith

Gail Smith, landlady of Luck, Lust, Liquor and Grinds at Peggotty's on King Street in Great Yarmouth. - Credit: James Weeds

Gail Smith, landlady of Luck, Lust, Liquor and Grinds, at Peggotty's on King Street, said that trade during the championship was "up and down".

Reports of fighting around Yarmouth and Gorleston on Sunday night, after the final, meant that she took the decision to close the bar at 11pm, two hours earlier than normal, she said.

"We're quite a family-friendly venue. I took a decision to close the venue straight after the game to keep staff and customers safe.

"So we lost a lot of money. Usually on Sunday we'd have a DJ and be open until 1am.

"Sunday caused us to lose money because there were so many idiots around. The scenes going on around Yarmouth and Gorleston are not something we'd entertain in our venue."

The bar did make some extra money during games on midweek nights, though.

"We were fully booked for all of the games," she said.