Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre’s turtle died from kidney failure

Staff at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre are mourning the loss of their resident green sea turtle George.

Tests results following surgery last week revealed that George had suffered fatal kidney failure, and the difficult decision was taken to put him painlessly to sleep to prevent further suffering.

Nine-year-old George had been at the centre for four years and was a firm favourite with staff and visitors alike.

Darren Gook, senior aquarist, said: “We first realised something was wrong when George went off his food before Christmas. He had blood tests and went to a local vet’s for X-rays, but it wasn’t until he was operated on that the extent of his illness became clear.

“Even then we hoped tests would indicate it was something we could treat him for, but sadly there was nothing more that could be done for him.”

A full post mortem will now be carried out to search for clues as to what might have caused George’s renal failure.

“A healthy green turtle can expect to live to between 70 and 90 years, and George enjoyed a healthy diet and quality care from a very dedicated team,” said Sue Thornton, Sea Life’s specialist vet.

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“George was a real character. We will all miss him very much.” Mr Gook added.