Have you seen Great Yarmouth Boating Lake's algae build up?

Algae on the water surface at the boating lake.

The surface of the lake on Great Yarmouth seafront was covered in green algae on Tuesday, March 29 - Credit: James Weeds

The recent good weather has become an issue for a popular tourist attraction on Great Yarmouth's seafront.

Blankets of algae were covering the top of the water at the boating lake at the Venetian Waterways on Tuesday, March 29.

The rapid growth of the substance was likely caused by warmer climes, plenty of sunshine and fewer winds.

Aglae on the water.

Algae was flourishing by the water's surface at Great Yarmouth Boating Lake. - Credit: James Weeds

The Access Community Trust - which is responsible for the upkeep of the boating lake and the Venetian Waterways - said the presence of algae in the lake was "nothing untoward" and it has added further treatment to the water to help kill the substance.

A spokesperson for the trust said: "The good weather heated the water last week and that aggravated the algae in the lake. There was also no wind to move around the existing treatment in the water.

"Algae growth is quite rapid when it starts and we have put in a more intensive treatment.

"It should be cleared soon."

Algae on the water's surface.

It is likely the good spell of weather in Great Yarmouth last week provided a perfect environment for the algae's rapid growth. - Credit: James Weeds

The spokesperson added that care was taken in regards to the wildlife in the area while intensive treatment was added.

The boating lake in Yarmouth with a lush green algae coating.

A large amount of algae could be seen at Great Yarmouth Boating Lake on Tuesday. - Credit: James Weeds